Ways to guarantee a JNI type has some property value

Our codebase’s C++ library provides an image type

    val type: Sf3dImageType,
    val width: Int,
    val height: Int,
    val buffer: ByteArray,

Sf3DImageType is an enum with a variety of values, Greyscale, RGB, RGBA etc. I’d like to provide some guarantee that a passed parameter has the expected type. i.e. instead of:

fun processImage(sf3d: Sf3dImage)

Some kind of annotation that can check if the passed parameter has the required image type, similar to how i image @StringRes etc work (unfortunately i’m not familiar with how to write an annotation class that does this).

fun processImage(@RGBA sf3d: Sf3dImage)

Or even just a type check provided by a value class, or failing that an interface or sealed class etc (but that would require me to wrap/convert the native type. ).

fun processImage(sf3d: Sf3dRGBA)

Preferably, I’d like to make it a compile-time check that doesn’t add bloat to the project rather than wrapping/converting the native class if possible (although that’s likely impossible unless it’s a type-check given that it’s instance data?). What is the best way to do this / how do i write it?