What is ${type}Var in Kotlin/Native?

This documentation is very unclear for me when it tries to say what is ${type}Var.

…for Kotlin enums it is named ${type}Var

wat?! What is Kotlin enums? Regular Kotlin enums?

enum class MyEnum {

I don’t think it implied.

Okay, Let’s look at the examples in this documentation:

struct S* is mapped to CPointer<S> , int8_t* is mapped to CPointer<int_8tVar>

Okay, it’s clear

char** is mapped to CPointer<CPointerVar<ByteVar>>

Why is char** mapped to CPointer<CPointerVar<ByteVar>> but not to CPointer<CPointer<Byte>>?

So finally the question is: what is IntVar, LongVar, CPointerVar<T> and other things like ${type}Var?