Where does JetBrains products use Kotlin?


I am interested in Kotlin.
so I’m going to do a little seminar to introduce Kotlin to the technical organization of the company I work for.
so I am collecting and organizing data.

I read about the use of kotlin to make(or improve) products in JetBrains.
where does JetBrains products use Kotlin?

do you know any related articles or content?

I think for now you can only use it to build Android

This is completely not right. I am using it for scientific applications and a lot of people using it for web development.
But the question was about JetBrains, not about users. I believe, it is used extensively inside IDEA and other products, but I will leave the answer for JetBrains representatives.

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Checkout their github: Search · · GitHub


I’m investigating the material I want to use for server side development.
thank you.

People who use Kotlin have found a lot of stories on the web.
but I wondered where I was using Kotlin in the JetBrains.
thank you.

Kotlin is used in IntelliJ IDEA and related products, TeamCity configuration DSL, Upsource, YouTrack, Rider, the internal license management system and in many smaller projects.

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I wonder what you mean with that, only build it on Android?

I’m using it currently to build a Spring web application. But indeed, the original question was about: where does JetBrains themselves actually use it?

The Kotlin compiler is written in a mixture of Java and Kotlin itself and I think I’m right in saying that they’re trying to migrate more code to the latter as the language evolves.