Which is the best IDE for Kotlin native development for multiplatform (android, ios) am on windows ?)


am using windows and I want to start write multiplatform project with kotlin native which is the best IDE to use ??android studio , CLion,Intellij ??


Define what “best” means to you.

I develop in IDEA only, and it seems to handle multi-platform projects reasonably well. Haven’t dived into it very deeply yet, though.


Anyway you cannot develop for iOS on Windows, only MacOS host can be used.


I need to know how to create IOS module in Intellij , I didn’t find any step by step tutorial for crating multi platform project ?


@reitzig.1 Thank for your reply ,
I need to know how to create multiform project from scratch on intellij , i didn’t find any tutorial on how to create it step by step , please advice as i couldn’t create ios module in intellij :frowning:


New Project -> Kotlin -> Kotlin (Mobile Android/iOS)


Thanks :slight_smile: really Apperciated your help
do you have any links or tutorial for complete project even any simple one to try my journey :smiley: ?


The official docs are quite decent. In particular, they contain comprehensive example for several platform combinations.


@msink plaese advice how to create ios module and android module ??
when I create multiplatform it create app-js and app jvm , where is ios ?


I don’t know, never programmed for ios, and don’t want to begin.
And as I said above - anyway ios programming requires mac, not windows.


VSCode has syntax highlighting, native debugging and will have code completion/diagnostics in the future.


I would say if you are familiar with an IDE that has gradle support, you are good to go. The documentation on the gradle plugin is very good. Most IDEs have plugins for kotlin support. IDEA is probably the best choice if you don’t mind learning to use a new IDE


Thanks a lot for your reply , Could you please advice when I want to create the common or sharedcode module , which module I should select i intellij ?? please advice

See screen shot


I don’t use intellij myself, but the one you selected seems right. According to the description it is what you want.


so what you are using to develop multi platform
project ?


I use gvim (with a couple plugins) + commandline gradle. I write my build.gradle by hand.
Since you are using windows, that is probably not what you want :smiley:
Also most developers prefer a fullblown IDE (I guess)