Build iOS apps with kotlin is free too?

Guys, I realy need to know if kotlin native (Android, iOS) is also free to work. Because JetBrains not leave it on Community version of Intelij.

The question is, build iOS app with kotlin is free, or will be? ( zero cost)

My impression is that “building” is free in that they supply a gradle plugin that can be ran from the command line. But if you want full IDE support with debugging, etc. you will need CLion which is not free.

Tanks for reply. So, can we build iOS apps, on Intelij? Here I can not see this option.

Developing iOS apps in IntelliJ IDEA is not currently supported, and we have no plans to provide a zero cost IDE for building iOS apps. Note that you can still use the command-line tools for free.

Thanks. Is It possible to build iOS apps with command-line tools?

It is possible to do so in IDEA using gradle. You won’t be able to debug them though. I do not develop under IOS, but IOS examples in konltin native use gradle, so you can run them in IDEA. The irony is that CLion does not support gradle yet, so you can’t use it to run examples.

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I hope it become totaly free, adding iOS support on Intelij IDE

I think the problem with Intellij is that it does not support llvm debugging. That is what they have CLion for. So as long as they don’t decide to make CLion free there wont be a free debugging tool for Kotlin Native by JetBrains (that is if I am not missing something).
Also the tools for kotlin native using gradle or the command line are free, so the only problem is debugging, which if you really have to can be done using log statements and depending on how powerful the reflection library for native is ( I have not used it) you could build a lot of debugging tools using it.

Another alternative would be using the multi platform system and trying to do debugging mostly on android. If you separate you platform code good enough that should get you very far.