Why is Kotlin not among the most used languages?

Why is Kotlin not among the most used languages?
Does it still have a promising future or is it not?

Kotlin is among the most used languages.


It depends on where you look.

Why anyone would do development in Java instead of Kotlin is one of the greatest mysteries… Only explanation I have is that people like carpal syndrome and bloated code, so they stick with Java.

I’ve been using exclusively Kotlin for the past year, and unless someone beats me with a baseball bat, I won’t develop in Java ever again.

I don’t know about you, maybe you are Vim masochist or something, but I don’t really feel like I do all that much more typing in Java than Kotlin when using a modern IDE like IntelliJ. I type 4-5 chars, autocomplete, Ctrl-V to create final var {something} and presto. With Java’s record you finally also have a struct-like class like in Kotlin, so verbosity for those “data-holder” cases is a thing of the past.

And TBH, typing has never what held me back from completing features. It’s my brain that’s the slow part :smile:

The biggest pain points about Kotlin is that it is still rife with children’s diseases that make life less enjoyable. After introducing Kotlin, we have had issues with

  • plugins needing updating to be able to handle Kotlin
  • much slower builds (just adding a handful of Kotlin classes increased build time by a minute or more)
  • randomly failing flaky tests when touching Kotlin code (NoClassFoundException)

This is all (probably) fixable, but when going from a relatively painfree and super-fast pipeline to adding those issues you don’t get immediate puppy-love affection for Kotlin, even though the language in itself is beautiful.