Would you please using gerrit to manage code changes for kotlin?


Would you please using gerrit to manage code changes for kotlin?

Your current develop repository contains too many noise commit.
Not every commit right and stable.

If you have gerrit code review system. your commit should be check before it can be commit to repository.

The current changes make me afraid.

How could you guys changes the code base free as you want?

No more reviews will cause many bad codes get into the repository.

The QA system (Code reviews) will make your code better.


Gerrit provides web based code review and repository management for the Git version control system.

Golang community using gerrit to prove their code changes be reviewed before they really get into master branch.


I think it’s usually a good idea to get acquainted with the existing process of a project before making suggestions to improve it. In Kotlin, all of the commits merged into the “master” branch are reviewed by at least one other developer, and this rule is followed very strictly. The reviews usually happen face-to-face, but we also use GitHub and Upsource, JetBrains’s own code review system. Also, almost all commits pass through remote run on TeamCity, which allows us to detect and fix test failures before changes are merged into the “master” branch. The continuous integration server is entirely public.

It’s true that we recently had to revert a number of commits; this has to do with the addition of features that depend on IntelliJ IDEA Ultimate to the Kotlin plugin, and we’re still trying to figure the best way to organize development so that those features do not influence developers who only use IntelliJ Community. This is a one-off event; if you look at the project history, you’ll find extremely few other reverted commits.

If you have any other evidence about “noise commits” and “not every commit right and stable”, please tell us what you mean exactly.