Xml builder DSL


I would love to find one example of fluent XML builder DSL similar to the ones that exist in Groovy.
Does anyone knows where I can find one ?

Many thanks,

Luis Oscar


I didn’t use XML for a while, so I didn’t try doing it myself, but people are using various forms, e.g. http://jonnyzzz.com/blog/2016/01/06/kotlin-xml/


Thank you I did looked a bit at the article but found it hard to understand when comparing with the simplicity of the Groovy XML builder.


Searching about a year later returns this interesting library: https://github.com/redundent/kotlin-xml-builder


Thank you I have been looking for this, :slight_smile:


Check this up https://github.com/qwertukg/xml-builder


Thank you I will have a look, :slight_smile: