Add 🫤 reaction to the Discourse site

Even though this Discourse forum is no longer listed on the Community page, it still has a variety of helpful, interesting, thoughtful topics and posts.

Liking a post with :heart: allows participation in the discussion without generating noise on the topic itself and helps communicate to others which posts may have valuable content.

I’d like to propose adding a reaction for posts that respectfully conveys there may be a dilemma or confusion within a post. My favorite option is :face_with_diagonal_mouth: as it balances being respectful but still conveys confusion and questions.

EDIT: The classic :-1: also works well and is a common reaction on GitHub and other sites

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I suggest :face_with_raised_eyebrow: for confusion and :woozy_face: for agreement instead


I like the idea. However, I have the feeling that JetBrains has essentially given up this forum.