Why not a dedicated section for JetBrains produtcs like Ktor or Exposed?


I am working in my company with Kotlin, Exposed and Ktor and I have so many questions and discussions to do. A centralized official forum for those would be awesome.


I think that slack is rather official. And it has sections for ktor and other products.


Yes but what you write there is not googable! If you need to look for a solution already posted you probably cannot without Google because you will probably not use the same words and only Google can understands the meaning (well, at least part of it) of what you are searching and give you related results.


Agreed. Unless you’re in Slack all the time, it’s really hard to occasionally review posts and learn from them. Forums are still much better for that and easier to learn from. A post from a month ago on Slack is essentially lost… it’s much easier to browse here.