Android data class generating bug

While generating data class on computers whose system language is Turkish, an error occurs in properties starting with the letter “i”.

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Is the error in your editor, or when the code is compiled? What is the error? What is the kotlin version, editor, operating system?

Editor :Android Studio,
Kotlin vers:1.4+
OS: Windows
OS Language Turkish

An error occurs when the code is compiled. When I check the Java (generated) path, I see that no getter is created for properties starting with the letter “i”.
The problem only happens if the property begins with the letter “i”(For example, if I type “myicon” instead of “icon”, the problem goes away.). And I think it’s because the system language is Turkish.

It’s definitely a bug, likely in Kapt, you should report it.
They should use locale-insensitive methods in code (for example, toUpperCase(Locale.ROOT))
The workaround is to set another locale when running Gradle.