Android Studio debug is very slow when inspectint the variable with large files

So I have some large files that have 2000~3000 lines of code. When debugging with emulator I set breakpoints and want to inspect some variables, it takes 1 minute to finish “Collecting data”. Same with moving cursor to a variable doing “evaluating”. I don’t know if this has something to do with Kotlin. It didn’t seem to have this problem in Java even it is large file.

My PC is strong so should not cause this problem. Also upgrade Android Studio and Kotlin to the latest version.

Does anyone have large file that also have the same problem? It becomes very difficult to debug…very painful…


Nobody has the same issue?..:roll_eyes:

This is not really a Kotlin problem at all. It is an android studio issue. First try the latest canary (3.5 canary 5), and latest android tools to see whether the problem exists there. If it does, file a bug with google.