Android Studio + kapt plugin = gradle sync warnings


Hi! I’m using android studio 3.1.1 with kotlin 1.2.31 on Win 7 sp 1 ^^

I would like to report an annoying fact that is when I add “apply plugin: ‘kotlin-kapt’” to my “app/build.gradle” file, on sync android studio starts complaining about :

‘Folder %User%\AndroidStudioProjects\Test\app\build\generated\source\kaptKotlin\debug
Folder %User%\AndroidStudioProjects\Test\app\build\generated\source\kaptKotlin\release
3rd-party Gradle plug-ins may be the cause’

If I understand correctly it’s just prompting that some directories have been created, in case it would be suspicious…? But while using kapt it is intended and should be an “info” level prompt…!
I would like to make it silent or so but I don’t know how…
Any clue would be much appreciated ^^


Some clue might be here: