Anyone else having problems with code completion in IDEA?


This might just be an issue with my environment but I hardly ever get code completion happening. See attached screenshot - attempt at code completion on array class (doesn't work with my classes either).

Any pointers to help me diagnose this appreciated as it’s really hurting my general enjoyment of Kotlin (which is great in so many other areas).

Anyone else having a similar issue?

Thanks, Alfie.

kotlin code complete.png (2.88 KB)


The ide is horrible in handling auto import declaration. In my case, copying a piece of code to a new file will guarantee crawling.


Thanks for the response, but I am not getting code completion even for stdlib classes like array in a brand new file.



Does this reproduce on a freshly created project?


No, a new project (both raw Java project and empty Maven project) seem ok. I will try and re-create the project from scratch and copy in the Kotlin files to see if I can re-produce.

Thanks, Alfie.


That seems to have fixed it! Will report back if it stops working again. Many thanks.