Why so slow to see the auto completion menu popping when inputing Kotlin code in IDEA?


There is a problem influencing my coding fluency.
When I input one or two characters(not the full word) of some keywords in Kotlin such as ‘String’, ‘fun’, ‘sout’(short of println()), ‘return’ or any others and some my own function names, I have to wait about half second then the auto completion menu pops. It’s so lagging for fast coding.
But before I input Java code with the same IDE(IDEA 2017.1.4), and I feel it’s so smooth that I needn’t to wait.
I guess that Kotlin is very powerful and in rich functions so that contents of the auto completion menu are too large, lagging the reaction rate of IDE.:joy:
Anybody knows it or has the same problem as me? Please help me.

My dev environment:
MacBook Pro 2015(CPU i5 2.7GHz/8GB RAM) with macOS 10.12
IntelliJ IDEA 2017.1.4(Lastest Release Version)
Kotlin Plugin Version: 1.1.2-release-IJ2017.1-5(Lastest too)


I experience the same thing but only when I restarted the IDE. After that it is as smooth as with Java.


I also started to experience those waits, maybe around IDEA 2017.1.2? Not only auto-completion delays, but also when I press Ctrl+C to copy, which is weird. I am on Ubuntu Linux, with newest Kotlin plugin and IDEA. My CPU is quite powerful, i7-3632QM.


:joy:Can’t image that coding need to be supported by powerful computers.


:joy::rofl:Oh, I cannot solve it by this way.


Yeah, I find that when I use my desktop computer(i5 7500HQ, 8G RAM), it’s smooth a little more than my Mac but not really best experience. Hope the topic problem to be solved.