Auto-complete no-longer works

I'm no-longer getting any auto-complete suggestions.  It seems that every time I should get an autocomplete suggestion I get an AssertionError in my event log (I submitted one of them as error report 415611).  Here is the actual exception:

Clearly this is a bug, but I’m wondering whether there is any workaround?  This is making my experimentation with Kotlin significantly less pleasant.

Oh, I’m running build 122.694 and Kotlin version 0.4.68.

Try to use the latest build of Kotlin plugin It works with my 122-694

Hmm, shouldn't it update automatically to the latest version of the plugin?

Also, that link seems to require a username and password…

Click "Login as Guest" and it will get you the download. This is the latest nightly build.

If you installed the plugin from the main repo, it will only update to the next milestone version, when it comes out.

Check out this page for instruction on nightly build installation: