Major issues with IntelliJ plugin 211-1.5.20-release-284-IJ7442.40

I upgraded to the latest IntelliJ plugin this morning, but now code completion for members is broken for some types. If I type the code out myself, there is no error reported in the editor.

There are a number of errors (including stack overflows) in the Kotlin plugin being reported. I sent 1 to JetBrains already.

In Gradle I only set the JVM target to 11, and add -Xjsr305=strict to the compiler arguments.

Does anyone else have the same problems, of is it my setup?

Can you please create an issue at with a sample project, steps to reproduce and full exception stacktrace?

Luckily reproducing it was easy. See

Thanks, I’m looking into it. This might be fixed in upcoming IDE plugin with 1.5.21 compiler, but I can’t check right now.