Kotlin Plugin Error


The following kotlin plugin version fails on IDEA 11.1.3 (Windows 7 64 bit)

  • kotlin-plugin-0.1.2979
  • kotlin-plugin-0.1.2963
  • kotlin-plugin-0.1.2957

(and I presume the versions in between)

It throws a plugin exception at com/intellij/openapi/roots/libraries/persistenlibrarykind

The plugin works fine at kotlin-plugin-0.1.2904. So I think something happened with the build in the past 7 days.


Since 2931 master branch and Compiler and Plugin build configuration on TeamCity support IDEA 12 Leda EAP. And because IDEA 12 has some incompatible API changes, version from master can't be used with IDEA 11 any more.

But IDEA 11 will be supported for sometime. Development for that version was moved to another branch on GitHub and got separate build configuration on teamcity named Compiler and Plugin — IDEA 11. This is the place where you can get the latest version of kotlin plugin for IDEA 11.1.3.

We are sorry for not giving an announcement here on forum about those build configuration changes.


Any chance someone with edit karma on the wiki can update this page:


to give details of which repo URLs should be used for different IDEA versions for folks who want to stay on the nightly releases (rather than stick to milestones). I guess version 11.x needs this URL now right?