Can I do this with Kotlin?


I’m working on my university graduation project, and this all new for me. The app simple idea is to take details of a person and take a photo of the person.

I have a good background in PHP, I made the APIs with Yii2. The APIs models are person, photo, and info. The person model is to store the data in person table, and the photo is to store the photo name and date in the photo table, and the info is to relate the photos to one person.

Now, in the app, I need to store the whole data with photo and then send it to the server, is that possible?


Yes. If you look for information on how to do any of those specific tasks, I would google for solutions in java instead. You can simply use the java libraries and use them in Kotlin.

I see, then I should do the whole app with java?

You could (and probably should) use Kotlin on the Java Virtual Machine, if that’s what you’re asking. It wouldn’t be Kotlin Native, which is still more experimental.

Of course you could also write the app just with plain Java, but then you’re wrong here in the Kotlin forum.

It’s OK, You can use Realm DB for offline db in client apps, after read and write to inside it and than query and push to server with your API that you are using. You can use this database in both , Java and Kotlin