Developing KMM mobile applications in IntelliJ partially under Windows

I am using Kotlin Multiplatform Mobile for year and have positive experience. It is a great feature.

But since short time, I noticed that the options for creating a KMM project disappeared from the Project Wizard in the IntelliJ, even under MacOS, not only under Windows.

As for Android Studio, it has a KMM plugin and the plugin lets install itself under Windows and let create a KMM project and works well, but later gets deactivated with the message:

Kotlin Multiplatform Mobile plugin is supposed to work on macOS only

Well, I understand this case, but why the options for creating a KMM project disappeared from the Project Wizard in the IntelliJ even on MAC? How should new KMM projects be created?

Here they say they are obsolete. But what is the replacement or better approach?

I looks like that they are making more and more obstacles for efficient development of KMM applications.

I have been using IntelliJ for KMM development under Windows for a year and all was fine. I developed the common and Android part under Windows and then copied the project to my old slow MAC and it was fine.

Why removing the options for KMM mobile in IntelliJ?

Why blocking KMM plugin for Android Studio under Windows even if it is working?

I wonder what the KMM community think about it? How do you overcome these troubles?


Recently we focused all of our efforts on making KMM development better around KMM plugin for Android Studio, KMM Library wizard was moved there. As you mentioned, up until recently this plugin did not work on Windows machines, but that also was fixed several versions ago. Which KMM plugin version did you try?

Hi, thank you for response!

As I wrote, I have been using IntelliJ for KMM development since I long time. I tested now the latest version of KMM plugin for Android Studio, it works now. Good news.

BUT! What about the IntelliJ?

  1. Why the option for creation of a KMM mobile application in the project wizard of IntelliJ is now obsolete?
  2. How KMM mobile application projects should now be created in IntelliJ?
  3. Will it not be possible to use IntelliJ for KMM mobile application projects?

It was marked as obsolete because we decided to have only one place for Kotlin Multiplatform Mobile wizards for now - it’s easier for us to stabilize them that way, and Android Studio is currently far more popular for KMM development than IntelliJ.

However, it’s still possible to develop Kotlin Multiplatform Mobile applications in IntelliJ, if you’d like to, the only thing missing there are the wizards. But there are many ways to start with KMM even without them: you can use samples or Web Wizard

Thank you for response! Now, my questions are cleared.

The ability to start the iOS emulator directly from Android Studio is great!