Different Kotlin versions for different projects?

Small question, for which I’ll admit I haven’t searched too much.

Is it possible to use different Kotlin versions for different Kotlin projects within IntelliJ?

As far as I’ve figured out, you choose your version by selecting how the plugin updates (so you can either be on the latest stable, latest EAP 1.0.x or latest EAP 1.1.x).

I would like to use the EAP 1.1 for some toy project, while keeping some older code under the stable version. Is that possible at all?

The IDE highlighting always uses the Kotlin version determined by the installed plugin. If you use Maven or Gradle for compiling your projects, the compiler version is determined by your build script, and can differ from the plugin version.

Ouch, too bad.

Any way to run two IntelliJ installations side by side, short of spinning a virtual machine?

On Windows/Linux, you can do this fairly easily by editing idea.properties. On Mac OS X, this breaks code signing, so the easiest way is to have two different IDEs (Community/Ultimate or Community/Android Studio).

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