Handling Multiple Kotlin Versions

Is it possible to install two different copies of IntelliJ that handle a specific Kotlin version? At the moment I have done a fresh install of IntelliJ (to be used with Kotlin 1.1-M4) to the home directory in Linux Mint 17.3. The other version of IntelliJ is installed to /opt and uses Kotlin 1.0.6.

When starting the home directory version of IntelliJ it is using the same settings as the /opt version. Is there a way to get IntelliJ to use a specific user settings directory?

You can edit idea.properties to specify different system and config paths for each installation. See this topic for more information.

I have edited idea.properties file for the home directory version of IntelliJ. Started the IDE and it seems to be working off a clean slate with the user settings, so far so good. However there is uncertainly over which Kotlin plugin is being used by the IDE.

Does IntelliJ use multiple Kotlin plugin channels?

You can see the version of the Kotlin plugin being used in the Settings dialog, in the Plugins pane. The Kotlin update channel used by each installation of IntelliJ IDEA will be stored in its settings directory.

Thanks. Can see what version of Kotlin is being used by the IDE through Tools → Kotlin → Kotlin REPL.