Kotlin 1.0.3 EAP


We’re starting Kotlin 1.0.3 EAP.

What’s new

1.0.3 brings some minor changes to compiler and lots of improvements to IntelliJ plugin:

  • Improved completion, refactorings, Maven support, formatter and Spring support
  • Language injection support
  • New intentions, inspections and quickfixes
  • Lots of bugfixes

See full changelog

How to get EAP build

To use this build from Gradle or Maven, add https://dl.bintray.com/kotlin/kotlin-eap to your repositories.
To use the new version of the Kotlin plugin for IntelliJ IDEA, configure Early Access Preview channel in Tools | Kotlin | Configure Kotlin Plugin Updates and press “Check for updates now”.

Build number is 1.0.3-eap-30

Please do provide feedback and report any issues to our issue tracker (please specify your plugin version and IDE version)


This doesn’t work for me! Configure Kotlin Plugin Updates shows 1.1.0-dev-1058 but not 1.0.3-eap-30. The behavior is the same for both channels. I really would like to see multiple channels for EAP. I’m ok with 1.0.x EAPs at the moment but not with 1.1.0 EAPs.

By the way, that’s true for the IDE as well. On some systems, I’m ok with 2016.1.x EAPs (bill paying projects) on others 2016.2 EAPs (for fun projects). But I don’t see any comfortable way to achieve that. Am I missing something?


I believe the problem may be that you have latest development version of plugin installed and you probably have “latest development build” channel configured as described [here] (https://github.com/JetBrains/kotlin#using-a-pre-built-kotlin-intellij-idea-plugin). You can check this via Plugins | Browse repositories | Manage repositories. Repository for 1.0.3 EAP is https://plugins.jetbrains.com/plugins/eap/6954 .

If that’s the case and you want to use 1.0.3 EAP build, you can uninstall current plugin (have to restart IDE) and then follow the steps. If you have both channels configured you can go to Plugins | Browse repositories and choose eap repository only, find Kotlin plugin (should be v.1.0.3-eap-30-smth) and install it.


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A new build 1.0.3-eap-58 is available.

New is this build: new intentions and inspections, even more bugfixes (notable: completion, android lint checks and formatter)

Up-to-date changelog for this build is here.


A new build 1.0.3-eap-68 is available.

New is this build: improvements to Spring support and some important bugfixes.

Up-to-date changelog for this build is here