Do I submit ALL exception reports in IDEA produced by Kotlin plugin and compiler, or just some?

I am learning Kotling while doing code rework. I am getting a lot of exceptions, especially when editing with partial results not being valid Kotlin.

What is the Kotlin plugin’s team preference for getting reports?

Do you have an automated/semi-automated system for filtering out duplicates so I don’t have to think and can just press submit or do you prefer that I try to only send new types of errors?

I got over 36 reports in 20 minutes, some have more than one occurrence, with the last one being: com.intellij.diagnostic.MessagePool$TooManyErrorsException: Too many IDE fatal errors. Monitoring stopped.

I suppose exceptions can only be fixed if you submit them :smile:
JetBrains uses a special tracker for exceptions which handles deduplication. In fact, you can check for yourself: JetBrains Exception Analyzer - Welcome. You should be able to log in with your regular JetBrains credentials.

Thanks, I suspected as much but wanted to make sure.