IDE stability?

I updated to the latest plugin EAP today. It has a nice new feature of showing ^closureName when the inline type hints are enabled, so you can see which block the expression is returning too. I remember there was a debate about putting this in the language some time ago, but it works better as an IDE feature.

While this is nice, I find myself feeling a bit sad that the IDE plugin is getting new features when the exception rate is still so high, even after two years. I guess a JB employee can log into the crash tracker tool and scan for my email address ( to see, but I find myself reporting IDE exceptions on essentially every day that I do programming with Kotlin. Some are quite basic bugs, like the “Upgrade runtime?” prompt not working for Maven projects but still appearing for them (results in a NullPointerException when accepting the prompt).

I don’t know if JetBrains tracks the stability of the various plugins vs base Java IDE stability, but I can’t imagine they’re comparable. Is this just me? Do other people see a high error rate from the IDE? If so, does it bother anyone else? JB - do you plan on focusing on IDE stability any time soon? I don’t in the changelogs much in the way of crash IDs or exception fixes.


I always just ignored it, but I certainly have seen many “IDE Fatal Error” baloons. To be more precise, I clicked that red “!” circle and there are 13 errors reported over 2 days, many ocurred within a 1 – 2 minutes period. I’m not using anything (Maven, Gradle, etc.) – just good old Kotlin.

The error message is always either Exception while analyzing expression at («X»,«Y») in «file»: or null.

I get several every day (working full time with Kotlin/Gradle). I don’t look at them. I just click « Report to JetBrain ». I even feel guilty for reporting the same error several times a day. I guess the only valuable information fo JB is the error frequency. But as long these errors are not blocking, I don’t mind. I also experienced cache corruption. When it happened, it was fully blocking because I did not know it was corrupted cache and IntelliJ did no longer work at all. It was Saturday morning and I filed an issue. I got an answer by JB within 5 minutes and the problem was gone. (A really huge thank you, Serge!) So I will gladly continue living with those exceptions.

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I’ve been seeing a lot of red balloons too, and most importantly, sometimes my IDE freezes when I have a lot of grammar errors(like when I just copied a big chunk of Java code to Kotlin). recently, I’m also experiencing frequent high CPU usages(>50% constantly until I closes IDE window) and even typing became sluggish. tried changing vmoptions for a larger heap, not working. tried switching to Oracle JRE(because the IDEA bundled JRE doesn’t have FlightRecorder, and I don’t know how to profile it), the problem became less severe but still not completely go away. tried deleting vmoptions, still see some CPU spikes occasionally.

running on OSX 10.10.5 on a 2014 model Macbook Pro, IDEA 2017.3.3

I sometimes report, but certainly not all the time. One thing I’ve noticed is that after about 3/4 hours the IDE starts to become a bit sluggish and get other problems and a restart is needed (I use gradle, so the gradle daemon could have something to do with it)

I’ve been thinking the same thing for a while. As far as innovation goes, JB’s work has been great. A lot of truly novel things have been launched over these two years. But the more mundane stuff like documentation, maintenance and quality control seems to be lacking. I can just reiterate what everybody already knows: innovation is great, but if you want people to actually use the products, quality is paramount.

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