Downloading the stand alone compiler, UX


Well, here is my experience to download the standalone compiler

First time

  • goto
  • scroll down and up a little, nothing found
  • decide to click on try kotlin, I’ve seen this before I am very sure it wont be a download link, but since I didnt find the download link, maybe this is it
  • it is not the download as expected
  • click the browser back button
  • scroll down carefully , now I notice the standalone compiler logo (in the middle of the page on the far right)
  • click the download compiler, it doesnt download the compiler, it takes me to a new page
  • scroll down, cant easily find the download link, finally sees the github releases, I am skeptical, but … it must be it no other option left
  • Now i see the download link … in the bottom half of the page
  • click download link

Second time

  • goto
  • scroll down two screens, click download standalone compiler logo
  • click github releases
  • click download link

This can be much improved, unless, you just want many people to avoid the standalone compiler or perceive kotlin ad a jetbrains addin

I strongly recommend, just add a direct download link to the standalone compiler next to the try kotlin button

Sorry, If i was too negative
And I hope this is improved


Actually it’s true that we want many people to avoid the standalone compiler. For trying out a few simple programs, it’s much easier to use the online environment at For real development, it’s much better to use an IDE where the compiler is bundled with the plugin, and even if you don’t use an IDE, it’s much easier to compile Kotlin projects using Gradle or Maven, none of which requires downloading the compiler.


If you are keen on using kotlin compiler, you can always get it via sdkman/posh-gvm.