Eclipse + Maven(M2E) + WTP with Kotlin

Continuing the discussion from Can not publish Kotlin class files to Tomcat server since this is more of a support question I put it into this group.

In my scenario, similar to I am using Eclispe with WTP, however, I am using Maven and WebSphere Liberty. Though the WebSphere Liberty isn’t that relevant at the moment since it is fundamentally a WTP assembly issue. The problem I have is compounded by the fact I am using Maven which actualyl creates the deployment assembly configuration for me in the Ecllipse environment and will get wiped out when I do a refresh.

I think because of this fundamental problem I cannot use Kotlin with Eclipse for debugging on an application server because the classes do not get deployed. I doubt there would be any problems on a real server though.

Its too bad though I had a project already set up to incorporate a Kotlin EJB plus API JAR that hooks up to a JSF front end. But I had to remove all the Kotlin stuff once I realized that it will not deploy on WTP.

Maybe you can try IDEA Intellij before they fix this issue, someone faced the same problem and at last he told me that Intellij support Kotlin better than Eclipse.

Please see here:

Problem with IDEA IntelliJ is Java EE requires the Ultimate (i.e. not free) edition. But I did try Kotlin on IntelliJ community edition, it is MUCH better. I think the way they did it in Eclipse is a flawed but it is probably due to the APIs for Eclipse, I say flawed because it shouldn’t have to create a separate “Kotlin” library that contains the compiled code it can contain the Kotlin standard library if needed.

I wonder how JRuby or Groovy do it in Eclipse.

I agree, it is MUCH MUCH MUCH better :joy: