Forum categories and descriptions


The more topics on this forum I see there more I notice that the categories here are not really self explanatory and if you take a look at the “About the ___ category” topics, well they don’t help

That combined with the fact that some of the categories seem to be about the same topics (Web Development vs JavaScript) makes it hard for newcomers to select the right topic which again makes it harder for them getting the answers they seek.
On example are the bug reports for the kotlin compiler (there are multiple examples for the 1.2.50 release).
I think it should not be to much work to write up a short flavor text for all categories explaining what they are for and are not for.
Also this would improve the outward appearance of this forum.


Both “Site Feedback” and “Native” have short descriptions that provide some context when selecting a category. Short descriptions for the other 9 categories would be helpful.