Please make this forum more friendly to search engines

We need a better place to collect and track all valuable discussions around Kotlin. But I'm afraid this forum can't support it well currently.

  1. Its content is not friendly to search engines. I got no result while google with “ kotlin resourceholder”

  2. The built-in forum search returns empty result with keyword “resourceholder” too

While the post I’m searching for does exist:

Totally agree. There's probably more than 1 option to expose the already active community:

  1. Indeed improve this forum to make it search engine friendly and fix the search, or
  2. Ditch the forum altogether and move to stackoverflow.
  3. Combination of the 1 and 2
  4. other options?
But either way, exposure is much needed.

Currently we are going to migrate this forum to new and modern platform. We hope to finish migration process to the end of October.

Hi Roman, maybe in the meanwhile you could fix/change the current default search options used for the "Search the Community" search box, which is the reason why the OP is unable to find the referenced post when searching "resourceholder".

Right now in order to find something here—most of the time at least—when using it, you need to select More Options->Where->Kotlin.

We've fixed the problem. Now default search performs in Kotlin not in Kotlin->Kotributors. Give it a try )

Works great now, thank you!

Ditch the forum altogether and move to stackoverflow.

Stackoverflow is not a forum and there are enough deputy sheriffs there to remind you! ;-) I'm happy that this forum exits as a complement to Stackoverlfow.