From where I need to start?


I’m new in Kotlin, what you suggest me to start with ? Thanks


Thanks @Wasabi375 :slight_smile:

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Obviously, google will turn up some resources, but for an opinionated response: I started with Kotlin koans and I found them extremely useful, especially because they could be evaluated right in the browser, so I didn’t have to install anything to try out the language.

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To be honest I agree with you. That said I don’t like questions that can be answered by 3 seconds of google. The first result is the kotlin tutorial page linking koans.
In my opinion asking questions is also about respecting the time of the people that answer. I do this because I like it, but I also want to see that people put in the effort first. If they can’t figure it out themselfs they can ask and I think a basic google search is the minimum effort required.
So a better question could be
“I’m new to kotlin. What do you suggest to start with? I looked into this and found kotlin koans and [insert link here]. Is there any resource I have missed or should be aware of?”


In my opinion, Kotlin Koans is useful if you’re already somewhat familiar with Kotlin.

But for a beginner, I think a more productive approach is to install IntelliJ IDEA Community Edition and then take this course:

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Thanks all dears, but I’m really exited with the suggestion proposed by @daveTheCoder, I have already installed the tools and started taking this course.

I used this to learn Kotlin and it took me only two days to learn it the course is very well laid out so if you’re willing to pay I recommend this. You really only need to go up to the Multi Threading section here, everything else is Android development on the course (Which is also useful but going from start to Multi Threading is all that’s needed to just learn Kotlin).

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Thank @SmushyTaco, but I prefer start paying only for advanced courses not basic one that I can get from different places as explained previously :slight_smile:

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