Good Kotlin course

I am looking for a good Kotlin course something like this but this doesn’t seem to be active - I sent some pre-sales question and no reply. Also coursera, but this requires Java as a per-requisite. ZappyCode is good for starting out but doesn’t have some more / advanced concepts.


Have you checked out It’s the Jetbrains Academy. There is a free Kotlin basics course, and a Kotlin Dev course which requires a fee subscription.

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I personally learned how to write Kotlin from this good book - even though it’s not a course, I think it may still be of value:

Unfortunately, since Kotlin is a lesser-known language, there aren’t a wide range of online courses available that are free.

The only way to get good quality Kotlin courses (in my opinion) is to spend some money, or try to get free books from your local library.

I was fortunate enough to have a library which could provide me with free ebooks, and that’s how I got started on my learning journey.

Good luck!

@anjanesh This is one seems pretty good Learn the Kotlin programming language  |  Android Developers

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Thank you for your reply. A crash-course on Kotlin will do as I understand OOPs concept - I was looking for more of Android app development with Kotlin.

@anjanesh That site isn’t all that fun to navigate, but there is a section on Android app development with Kotlin


Love this course, I’m on Unit 3. It’s actually what let me to the Jetbrains course, as I felt I needed to get a better grasp on Kotlin first.