Searching a book for Java/Android-beginners



i want to write Android Apps with Kotlin. I can code a little bit Python (a small TicTacToe and Web-Page Crawler) and Delphi. I like Python much better.
So i don’t have any experience with Android/Java/Kotlin-Develeopment.

The book should be available in paper(print) and it would be nice when its written in a easy language (as you can read my english is not the best ;))

Greetings ford


I would use these book: ̣"Learning Kotlin by building Android applications - Eunice Adutwumwaa Obugyei". But i heard after i bought (ebook) it that these book isn’t good…


I updatet my search :slight_smile:


Drop the books and have a look here:
There are many online free courses that are way more efficient than books since there are videos, interactive examples and actual people explaining it to you.
Have a look at this courses for example:


Ty, but my english isnt good enough for such videos. Therefore i want a book (than i have time to translate the words and can write them over the english words…).


I assure you that the english used in those courses is really basic, furthermore in the YouTube videos sometimes there is the real-time subtitles translation. Give it a try!


They also have a pause button, so you can translate to your heart’s content and go through the videos at your own speed (pausing, rewinding, skipping as you wish)