Good Learning Resource for Android


I am trying to find a good book for someone who is very experienced with Kotlin and want to learn Android. I have found a few books that is targeted towards programmers with the opposite experience (used to Android and wants to learn Kotlin). Coming from a Java background, I guess a book targeted towards Java developers would work as well, but I would really prefer one that better teaches Android with Kotlin, especially if it could incorporate the use of Kotlin Coroutines. All tough I suspect the later is not something that is covered in many books at this date, given that coroutines became stable only a few days ago.

I have found a few books that might be of interest (of which one does not seem to have been published yet).

  • Learn Android Studio 3 with Kotlin - ISBN 9781484239063
  • Kotlin / Android Studio 3.0 Development Essentials - Android 8 Edition - ISBN 1979493952
  • Android Cookbook - ISBN 9781449374433

Do you have any thoughts on these books or any other recommendations? I also would love to hear of any other good learning resources like Youtube tutorials or websites that have longer, more coherent, tutorials.

I would recommend the official Android documentation. Code samples in it are shown in Kotlin by default.

You can choose any topic from the left drawer or just read straight through. It looks great on mobile devices, too.

Thank you for your reply. I have read some of the initial parts from the official documentation and found it to be the best comprehensive resource so far. A friend of mine that works full time with Android development also recommendef the official docs, so I guess will dig in further with it.

I just read this on Kotlin’s Twitter Developing Android Apps with Kotlin - I will definitely check it out.