Need new books to learn Kotlin

Hi all.
I first installed Android Studio in 2021 and I was using the Head On book to learn Android programming using Kotlin. But I put it aside for two years, and today, I updated Android Studio to Giraffe. A number of examples that are in the book are no longer like the interface. For example, there is no longer a RES\Layout folder or activity_main.xml. I can no longer follow the book. Does anybody know of a book for beginners that was published this year? Thanks.

Are you looking specifically for books about Android, or about the Kotlin language itself?

And do you have much experience in other languages (esp. Java), or are you fairly new to programming in general?

(For example, I loved the book Kotlin In Action by members of the Kotlin team at JetBrains, and basically learned Kotlin by reading it through three times. I found it really clear and well-explained. But it doesn’t cover Android, which I didn’t need to know; and it goes quite fast and deep, which suited me as I was already familiar with many of the ideas from years of Java experience and having learned some Scala. If those don’t apply to you, then it might not suit you so well.)