Grape like JAR dependency manager

we need JAR dependency manager like Grape for ApacheGroovy i.e., ‘@Grab


Do we really?

Searching for “Grab” in groovy files roughly has 8000 results, the actual number of files are less and projects even fewer.

Searching for build.gradle gives us far over a million results.

And a search for pom.xml gives us nearly 2 million results

These results are far from statistical accurate, but gives us a rough idea how this approaches are used. Seems that grapes are just too sour for most peoples taste.

Well it would be nice declarering all dependencies along with code in a single file when writing self executable kotlin scripts .kts :slight_smile:

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Good point

It looks like this lib GitHub - kscripting/kscript: Scripting enhancements for Kotlin . . has got you covered :slight_smile:

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If using kotlin in a scripting mode is a serious use-case, then so is this suggestion.

Grapes and Grab (groovy scripting in general, as opposed to projects that use groovy more like java is used) are mostly used for personal or internal scripting automations, much like an experienced systadmin’s personal arsenal of bash scripts. Such things are not frequently shared, so I’m not sure looking at projects the way you are is a useful measure of this idea’s legitimacy.


I agree that this would be a nice feature to have, together with the shebang support. As mentioned above, kscript looks to be a nice alternative for this for now.

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5 years later, any updates on this? As commenters mentioned this would be a great addition for one file utility scripts.

EDIT: Ok looks there is something promising : Get started with Kotlin custom scripting – tutorial | Kotlin Documentation