How to mention an issue ID in Dokka comments

I didn’t find any block tag in Dokka to reference a JIRA/Github/etc ticket. Any plans to add it in future? What is the current best practice?

I prefer to have a cross-reference to a ticket with the original requirements in class/function comments; it gives a better understanding of the code

If a bug tracking system provides urls for individual issues, you can just use that url as a link in markdown doc comment with the syntax [link title](url), e.g. as following:

 * Represents a range of values (for example, numbers or characters).
 * See the [Ranges documentation]( for more information.
public interface ClosedRange<T: Comparable<T>> {

OK, thanks. Actually, even JavaDoc doesn’t have a special tag to reference a ticket, seems to be an over-complicated feature-request for a doc-generation tool…