Linking youtrack issue to comment in Kotlin file

EDIT: Question: Is it possible to achieve the following with IntelliJ as is, or will I need to write my own plugin?


I am using:

  • IntelliJ 2018 community edition
  • Kotlin
  • YouTrack (local install)
  • todo widget in kotlin (the window that lists all “// todo: …” lines)
  • YouTrack plugin for IntelliJ

What I want:
I want to be able to write a comment of the form:
// youtrack: 2345
in my *.kt files

Then, ink the YouTrack IntelliJ plugin, if I click on issue 2345, I want it to jump me to that line.

I realize some youtrack issues may have 0 or > 1 comment lines. In that case, I would like it to show me a list of all lines showing the youtrack issue id.

Basically, I want the “todo window behaviour” but with the “youtrack issue window”

This seems to be mainly a youtrack question. It isn’t really anything to do with Kotlin except that it could be possible that the youtrack plugin doesn’t support Kotlin (would be very strange though). You probably want to ask it on a youtrack specific forum

Sorry about, I mixed “kotlin” with “intellij”. Is there a way to delete this question? I see that I can edit the question, but I can’t find the “delete” button.


Don’t think there is. Just leave it as it is. It’s not hurting anyone :wink: