IDEA not showing 'Run test' option for custom source set

Hi. I’m trying to manually configure my hierarchical structure as described here.

My tests in my shared source set “commonOcasTest” get executed with “gradlew check”. But IDEA is not showing the option to run a test when right clicking it. However, it works for a test that I’ve placed into the standard commonTest source set.


The menu is missing the “Run ‘…’” option.

You can find the code here: GitHub - MarkusKramer/kotlin-mpp-trial
Is this a bug in IDEA or in my gradle config?

Thanks, Markus

Can you show your Gradle tab? (aka the tasks for that sources set?) It’s possibly a Gradle configuration issue

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Here it is.

I hope that’s what you meant.

The issue has disappeared. Not sure why though.
I’ve updated to IntelliJ 2020.3. Or maybe a series of “gradle clean” and “gradle build” helped.

Don’t think that gradle build or clean had a real impact. It’s more likely that restarting Intellij or updating it caused it to reload the gradle project and thereby finding the missing source set/run config. Stuff like this normally gets cached since a gradle import can become quite slow with increasing project sizes.