Improving Kotlin auto-complete performance

Hello, I have noticed that IntelliJ IDEA is a bit slow in some cases.

The area I am most interested in is auto-completing identifiers. Sometimes it will something like 1000ms to display a completion menu, even in cases when the identifier I am looking for is something like a field in the class, a local variable, or an argument to the method I am editing.

I am interested in helping to improve this performance issue. First of all, is it possible to make this autocomplete very fast (such as something like Google Search suggestions)?

Presuming that it is possible to do it, do you have any updates about any work that JetBrains is doing in this regard? I would gladly look into collecting some data / doing some diagnostics if that would help.

It may be worthwhile to note that I am working in a mixed Java / Kotlin codebase with lots of annotations (Hibernate, Guice).

Thank you.

Hello. Your help would be very welcome. You can take a CPU snapshot during the slow completion according to and submit a performance problem at We’ll definitely look into it. Thanks!

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