Is there a way to sandbox 11.1 EAP from 11.0.x IDEA

I use IDEA 11.0.2 for my day job, and 11.1 EAP with the Kotlin plugin for Kotlin work.

I’m finding that the 11.1 EAP w/plugin collides with the 11.0.2 workspace in odd ways.

Is there a way to completely sandbox the 11.1 EAP install from my 11.0.2 install?  Simply deactivating and unstalling the plugin in 11.0.2 does not do much good.  I cannot open, e.g., a project I created in 11.0.2 using 11.0.2 itself after deactiving and installing the plugin.

Yes, you have to specify a separate config directory for the EAP IDEA. What OS are you on?

OS X 10.6.8

The way I do it on OS X is:

  1. Right-click the .app package
  2. Choose "Show package contents"
  3. Open the Contents directory
  4. Open the Info.plist file
  5. In the Java section, under Properties change the idea.paths.selector property to the name you want for the IDEA's data directory under ~/Library/Caches

Andrey, any guidance on how to do this sandboxing under Windows?

I think that you can change <idea installation dir>/bin/idea.bat to do it. At line 49 you can see "-Didea.paths.selector=IdeaIC11", so try to change "IdeaIC11" to the custom path.

I'd expect there a properties or ini file too.