Trouble with EAP



I had this problem, too, and attach my idea.log (zipped as (18.9 KB)) because this forum doesn’t allow “.zip” files).

I started today with IntelliJ 2017.1.2 and Kotlin plugin 1.1.2_2. I switched to the EAP 1.2 channel and installed Kotlin plugin 1.1.3-eap-34-IJ2017.2-1. Restarting got me the above error dialog, so I tried updating IntelliJ. That got me IntelliJ 2017.1.3, and the same error on restart.

Looking a bit more closely at those strings, I see that I have a version of the plugin for IJ2017.2 (currently still only in the EAP channel) whereas I’m running 2017.1.x. This seems similar to the version confusion mentioned in, and the last comment there sounds like some change was made to plugin info so that people would only get the right version, yet I got the wrong version today.

I upgraded to IJ2017.2 EAP and that works, but the KT-17932 comments make it sound like I should be able to get an EAP version of the Kotlin plugin which is compatible with IJ2017.1.x … I just don’t know how.

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