Is this forum deprecated?

Up until recently this forum was always linked on the Kotlin website, but now there is GitHub, Twitter, Slack, Reddit and Stackoverflow, but not this forum!

What are the plans with this forum? Was it just forgotten to add the link while redesigning the Kotlin website? Or is this forum legacy now and will be discontinued sooner or later (or something between)?


I don’t think so,
It is mentioned here Community as “Kotlin Forum”

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The post title reminded me of r/mAndroidDev lol

Thanks for noticing, we’ll add the link to the forum shortly.


Glad to read that! I think this forum is a good part of the overall Kotlin community.


It looks like this forum is really a dead and now. Again, there is no link to it on the community page.


Too, bad, since I still think that this forum could be a valuable part of the community. But I think new users will have a hard time to find it. Are there any plans to make this forum more visible again, @Alexey.Belkov ?