It can't download kotlin plugin in iMac


I am using Android studio 2.2.3 and I started to download Kotlin Pluggin via
Preference -> Plugin -> Install JetBrain plugin -> Kotlin

However, I always received message as file I attached.

Could you please help me resolve it?

Thank you.


Are you behind some kind of firewall? The most likely explanation would be that your internet is blocked. Perhaps you didn’t configure your proxy inside android studio?



Thank for your reply.

Are you behind some kind of firewall?

I checked and see that the firewall is off in my iMac.
Please refer attach file.

Thank you.


There are other possible locations for firewalls/network issues. You could try to connect to the given url with a regular browser. The error message indicates a network error as a failure to download that url.

Come to think of it, it used to be a problem that macosx came with some dodgy java version that in particular doesn’t support modern TLS (only supporting insecure versions). You might be able to install a recent JDK and make the problem go away.