Kindinium, a Vindinium client written in Kotlin!

Hello and welcome,

Vindinium is an AI challenge wherein you control a hero and compete with three others in the epic quest to farm the most gold before the time runs out. It’s a fun little game that anyone with an internet connection can play. There are already clients written in Java, but since we are a community of happy Kotlin users, I thought I should try my hand at it. You can find it at my repository on github!

What exists:

  • A random bot that choose a direction at random
  • A game client that allows training and arena modes and the customization thereof
  • Error handling for bad requests (400, 404)
  • JSON Parsing of the game, heroes, and other information
  • Simple Map interpretation. See where the other heroes, mines and taverns are!

What will come:

  • Enhanced map interpretation. Especially pathfinding.

If you’d like to participate in AI challenges again and miss the google ai challenge, this might just be for you! Feel free to modify and extend the code, it’s licensed under Apache and freely available for everybody.