Kontributor guidelines



After making some contribution to project I have some questions about contribution guidline - I didn’t found any document about it so will ask here.
Kotlin team:

  1. Do you have some commit message guidelines or suggestios?(For example:“Didn’t move issue to fixed state by comment since this decision can be taked only by KT-team”)
  2. I want to contribute to kotlin, I can take any issue with tag ‘newbie’, but what if I found another issue more interesting for me and it without ‘newbie’ tag?
    Can I take it for resolving? And, if yes, how should I notify KT-team to prevent parallel working on this issue?

Maybe it will be helpfull for someone to prevent extra commits: you(kontributor) should’t make variables final unless compiler will require this.


1. No guidelines are written down, but I'd point you to this link, as an example of a reasonably common set of guidelines. It's OK if you add a YouTrack command to close the issue. In any case please make sure that the issue gets closed when you pull-request is accepted.

  1. You can take any issue. Let us know by commenting it, e.g. “I’m trying to fix this issue”, and occasionally add comments about your progress.


Thank you, Andrey!

Also I found another codestyle rule:
“Do not include @author tag into the source code” (noted here https://github.com/crazyproger/kotlin/commit/467ae9af0afcd02e8acc3d2637bd8c744d72d591#commitcomment-2444084)