Kotlin 1.1.3 interactive shell does not quit


I started an interactive shell using new Kotlin 1.1.3, but when I tried to quit the shell by the command ‘:quit’, the shell did not quit.

Does anyone have the same problem? Please help.

PS: I have no such problem on Kotlin 1.1.2-5.

Update: The problem occurs only when ‘:quit’ is the first command:


Thanks for the report, here’s an issue: https://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issue/KT-18355


Also occurs in the Linux version of Kotlin. Exactly the same behaviour.


I found the same behaviour on Linux REPL for Kotlin 1.1.4-2, installed (and upgraded) through sdk. I didn’t have the problems before, as far as I recall.

Update: I managed to fix it by running sdk flush with all 4 of the options!