Request for better standard REPL with the upcoming Kotlin version

I once again raise the issue of shipping a more competitive standard REPL with the new Kotlin version.
It’s not convenient to install separately for example the ki REPL and it’s a pity that other competent languages as Scala, Groovy and even Java’s JShell, offer much better REPL with extensive code completion, than the standard current Kotlin REPL does.


The standard REPL for kotlin right now is GitHub - Kotlin/kotlin-interactive-shell: Kotlin Language Interactive Shell

… but, even Kotlin 1.6.20 seems to still have the old REPL …

You can leave an issue in the repository to update the verseion. In general almost nothing has changed from 1.6.0 to 1.6.20 save for several experimental features, which should not be used in REPL anyway.

The separation between compiler and KI was done just to separate release cycles.

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