Kotlin conf in asia for Kotlin?


My name is Kevin from Kotlin Vietnam (https://vnkotlin.com). After KotlinConf, I just want to know we have any event like KotlinConf in asia ? My second question is how do we call whom interested and used Kotlin every day ? Kotlinese ? Kotlinner or else ? :smiley:

Kotlien? Kotlinoid? Heh, no idea xD

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Kotliner is the most used, I think. Kotlinoid is also good.


Won’t Kotlinoid mislead people into thinking that Kotlin is only for Android development? (I have indeed heard a lecturer in introductory programming courses claiming so)

I like Kotlinese, same like Japanese - language :smiley:

Just Android? Nah, the word ‘kotlinoid’ I thought was much more along lines akin to ‘humanoid’ that speaks kotlinese. I use Kotlin, K/N mainly - and far more for PC apps than I do anything with ‘droid. How the word would make anyone think “android-only” (or mainly-android) is kinda weird. Such a thought would come from a person who doesn’ t understand humans to begin with.