Kotlin debugger for text editors?


Kotlin is a relatively new language, so there’s not much support for it. As well as that, because it’s made by people from JetBrains, it’s mainly more “tuned” for IDEs, I feel, as opposed to text editors.

I mainly use Visual Studio Code right now, but the support for Kotlin just isn’t there - only a simple highlighter is available, and it’s worse compared to other languages (e.g. Dart).

Are there any projects underway for making a Kotlin “plugin” for text editors (which includes a debugger, a highlighter, and possibly more elements)? I love JetBrains’ IDEs, but they take ages to set up, and are frankly a pain to get started, as opposed to making Kotlin projects using a text editor IMO.


I am currently working on a debugger for Kotlin that uses the open Debug Adapter Protocol: https://github.com/fwcd/KotlinDebugAdapter

This means, you will (soon) not only be able to debug Kotlin in Visual Studio Code, but with every editor that supports DAP, which includes Eclipse, Emacs, Visual Studio, …

Furthermore, there is also a somewhat mature language server for Kotlin at https://github.com/fwcd/KotlinLanguageServer, which provides smart code completion, diagnostics and more for VSCode and other editors (in addition to syntax highlighting, obviously).