[kotlin/intellij] Add https://github.com/mipt-npm/kmath - how?

I’ve created a stand-alone demo repository and added an example for matrices there: https://github.com/mipt-npm/kmath-demo/tree/master/matrix-demo-jvm. You do not need to bother with multi-module structure right now, just use the configuration from the module I referenced. I would be very grateful for any examples (even not working ones) you and other people would contribute to the repository. I need the feedback to understand what to do next and how to improve the API.

Specifically for matrices there will be some minor changes. Now we have default operations for real matrices in the core, they will be moved to kmath-for-real module. I will add specific default operations to wrapper modules, meaning that when you call dot operation with apache-commons module loaded, you will get apache-commons behavior.

Looks good. The only difference is: I added your line

maven("https://dl.bintray.com/mipt-npm/dev") // development repository for kmath

to my build script.

My use of kmath is in robotics: Combination of rotation matrices and position vectors into a 4 x 4 matrix defining a pose (= ori and pos). I’ll post some code, if the progress I make is good and things work as expected.

Sorry, the line that made it, seems to be this one:

//api("scientifik:kmath-core:${kmathVersion}") // My line
api("scientifik:kmath-commons:0.1.3") // darksnake's line

Thanks a lot!

Nice. We also will need more geometry sooner or later. Quaternions are being discussed. Please open an issue if you need something like that.

Quaternions are added into the dev branch and will be released in the next release. The geometry needs additional work though.

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